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Graduating Class1968
High SchoolTully High School; Tully, NY
Statement of Support and Documentation
In a few sentences, tell why this person belongs in the National High School Track and Field Hall of Fame.

Creator of the Tully Runners website, he devised the Speed Rating for high school running for cross country and the rankings that many current media sites use. Speed ratings allow cross country runners to be ranked or compared against one another based on course correction data and times giving a speed rating or ranking. Tully Runners also gives analysis and statistics on performances across the country giving a platform for people to see and predict races and performances. His goals for creating the website which are stated under the information about the webmaster are for "to make certain running information available to the fans" and to "provide a ranking and analysis of running that is not available anywhere else." He has changed the way people look at cross country rankings and access to information from across the country.

Entry DateAugust 10, 2019