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Graduating Class1983
High SchoolSteel Valley, Munhall, Pa
Statement of Support and Documentation
In a few sentences, tell why this person belongs in the National High School Track and Field Hall of Fame.

1981(so)(out)- 10.4(10.2w) 100m, 21.01(20.7w) 200m, 46.8 400m

(ind)- 6.49 60y, State(3), 30.8 300y(HSL), State(1)

1982(jr)(out)- 10.57 100m, State(1), 20.39 200m(HSL), State(1), Natl Jr TAC(2), US-Can Jr(1), PanAm Jr(1), 45.4 400m, State(1), Natl Jr TAC(3)

(ind)- 6.33 55m, 34.10 300m HSIR, lasted 2 yrs, 48.23 400m HSIR

1983(sr)(out)- 10.46 100m, State(1), 10.1w 100m, 20.29 200m(HSL), State(1), Natl Jr TAC(1), US-Can/Italy Jr(1),   45.80 400m, State(1), Natl Jr TAC(2)

(ind)- 30.2, 30.17 300y HSIRs, lasted 2 yrs, State(1), 47.46, 47.35 400m HSIRs, lasted 3 yrs, Millrose(1), Natl TAC(1T), 55.65 500y HSIR [still HSR for discontinued event]

Entry DateNovember 18, 2017