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Graduating Class1993
High SchoolRio Mesa, Oxnard, Ca['90-91]/Thousand Oaks, Ca['92-93])
Statement of Support and Documentation
In a few sentences, tell why this person belongs in the National High School Track and Field Hall of Fame.

1989(8th)- 12.01 100m, 24.46(24.06w) 200m

1990(fr)(ind)- 6.53 50m(HSL), 24.40 200m(HSL), NSI(1)

(out)- 11.62 100m, State(1), 23.70 200m, State(1), 54./21 400m

1991(so)(ind)- 6.43 50m =HSIR, lasted 3 yrs, 6.89 55m, NSI(2), 23.89 200m, NSI(1)

(out)- 11.17(11.12w) 100m(HSL)[2nd AT when run], State(1), Natl TAC(8), Natl Jr TAC(1), 22.76 200m   HSR, State(1), Natl TAC(4), Natl Jr TAC(1), 52.91 400m(HSL), MtSacR(1)

1992(jr)(ind)- 23.93 200m(HSL), NSI(1), 58.11 400m, NSI(h)

(out)-11.14 100m(HSL)[2nd AT when run, still 6th AT], State(1), Natl Jr TAC(1), OlyTrials(5), 22.76, 22.58                  200m HSRs, lasted 11 yrs[still 4th AT], State(1), Natl Jr TAC(1), Oly Trials(4), 54.44 400m

1993(sr): 11.28(11.21w) 100m(HSL), State(1), GWI(1), 23.00(22.79w) 200m(HSL), State (1), GWI(1), 22-1½         LJ(HSL)[still 4th AT], State (1), GWI(1)

Note: only athlete to currently(2017) rank in the top 6 AT in 3 standard outdoor events- 100, 200, LJ.

Entry DateNovember 20, 2017