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Graduating Class1982
High SchoolSan Gorgonio, San Bernardino, Ca[1979]/Kennedy, Granada Hills, Ca[1980-82
Statement of Support and Documentation
In a few sentences, tell why this person belongs in the National High School Track and Field Hall of Fame.

1979(fr)- 24.61 200m, 53.82 400, State (3), [part of 3:46.4y, 3:44.9y, 3:44.05y 4x4 HSRs]

1980(so)(ind)- 55.70 400m, Natl TAC(3)

(out)- 10.9 100y, 24.2 220y, 51.70 400m, State(1), Natl TAC(4), OlyTrials(3), [part of 45.82m, 45.81m 4x1                  HSRs, lasted 1 yr][part of 3:39.62m, 3:37.98 4x4 HSRs]

1981(jr)(ind)- 56.1 400m, 64.1 500y HSR, lasted 4 yrs,

(out)- 11.77(11.64w) 100m, State(2), 23.40 200m, State(1), Natl Jr TAC(h), 51.65 400m, Natl TAC(1), US-   USSR(2), SportsFest(1), 2:11.4 880, [part of 3:37.71m 4x4 HSR, lasted 4 yrs] [400 9th Wrnk]

1982(sr)- 11.70 100m, State(2) 23.25 200m, State(1), Natl Jr TAC(2), 50.87 400 HSR, lasted 18 years, State(1), Natl                TAC(1), US-WG(2), US-EG(3), World Cup(4)

Entry DateNovember 20, 2017